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Unsere Freunde in Lumsa sind wohlauf

veröffentlicht um 01.05.2015, 11:33 von Klaus Missal
Mingmar hat sich gemeldet:
Dear Fanny
Thanks for your mail.we all are ok,
we are still living in the tents
and the school is damaged in the village and house too.
so all the school in Nepal is close for one months. 
that many school is destroy and it takes make a school and other house.
i will let you know more soon..
Lumsa school is also damaged by earthquake.
with best regards
Mingmar sherpa...

Dearest Mingmar,
I was really shocked, when I got the news about the earthqake, I`m so sorry for your people and country. I hope you and yoour friends and all the families are fine and alive and healthy. If there is anything, we can do for you now, don`t hesitate and let us know. Hope you are fine
Your`s friend Fanny